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We do everything te ensure your stay at B&B Stee 23 becomes unforgettable. You can always contact us for practical information of Brugge, Gent, Damme,the coast,.... but also for hiking and cycling routes which start at Stee 23. 

After your room is booked, all you have to do is enjoy yourself with those who are with you!

Kalender voor komende activiteiten

Bloedprocessie.   In Brugge op 30 mei 2019

Cactusfestival      In Brugge van vrijdag 5 juli tot zon 7 Juli

Parkpop               In Oostkamp van 16 augustus tot 18 augustus (gratis festival)



Near the garden of the B&B you can see the forest, where there are many beautiful hiking and walking trails where we would like you to guide you. 

Discover hiking trails

Ride a bicycle

B&B Stee 23 is situated among some beautiful cycling route. You do not need your car or an own bicycle to discover them. Bicycles can be hired, but this must be stated in advance. If you have your own bicycle, it can be stacked or charged at the B&B.  In addition to cycling routes, we also propose you some mountain bike trails. If necessary we can wash the bicycle equipment or you can clean your bike yourself.

Discover cycling routes


  • Sentobene(0,5km)       
    A private sauna
    Bezoek website
  • Bulskampveld(4,9km)  
    Nature and regional visitor museum and forest
    Bezoek website

Surrounding cities

  • Brugge (10 km)
    There is so much to experience in Bruges for example visit the basilica, museum of Groeninghe, chocolate- fries- and beer museum
    Beautiful landmarks like Belfort on the medieval market place, beguinage, and many old architectural and beautiful buildings.
    People who like more activity, can discover Bruges by a boat trip, a ride with a horse-drawn carriage, or cruising the city with a Segway or Vespa tour.
    And of course the ladies can visit the various stores to shop, while the gentlemen can taste the many famous Belgian beers.
    Bezoek website
  • Damme (18 km)
    Charming fairytale town with many old buildings, very nice for a cycling trip.
    Bezoek website
  • The coast (25 km)
    Besides the beaches, the coast has much to offer. Walking during the mid season on the most beautiful sandy beaches of Europe, viewing luxuary cruise ships at Zeebrugge Harbour, a submarine visit, a day at sealife Blankenberge, or a walk trough the reserve Zwin at Knokke, renting a go-cart with the kids, …
    Bezoek website
  • Gent (40 km)
    Gent is a historic and contemporary city at the same time. The modern daily life of the active citizen lives in a beautiful historical setting. In Gent is a city where one enjoys living and working at the same time.
    Bezoek website



  • Laurel & Hardy ( 4,8 km)                                                                                                            Tasty decor, good food                                                                                                                                                  Bezoek website
  • Eethuis Transvaal (5,7km)
    Small but very cozy gourmet restaurant
    Bezoek de website
  • Pur Sang (8,1 km).                                                                                                                                                    Grill restaurant                                                                                                                                                    Bezoek website
  • Bistro Queens (4,8km)                                                                                                                                             Cozy, with nice interior                                                                                                                                        Bezoek de website
  • Chinees restaurant Jade (11km)                                                                                                                    Chinese restaurant                                                                                                                                                    Bezoek website
  • Zotte mutse(9km)
    Homely, with several dining rooms and nice terrace
    Bezoek website
  • Afspanning (9 km)
    Very tasty gourmet restaurant
    Bezoek de website
  • Delivery food